All Puffed Up

puffer vest, puffy vest style, polka dot vest, vest with layers

Vest: Gap (sold out, similar here). Sweater: Forever 21 (see it again here). Pants: Levis (similar). Boots: Vince Camuto. Lips: bareMinerals in “Amped”

I honestly can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already. As I had a feeling it would, this month has passed in an absolute blur of holiday celebrations. I checked off almost everything on my list! I have a bit of a reputation for going overboard with the holiday cheer, and this year was certainly no exception. Even after most of my shopping and crafting was done, I couldn’t resist heading down the hill to explore Sephora. I’m used to walking the aisles to find little things for myself, but it was such a fun experience going in gifting mode. So what if I picked up a new shade of nail polish along the way? Collateral damage, my friends.

Even though most of my friends are taking advantage of the season to bust out their brightest reds and sparkliest golds, for some reason I’m still in black-and-grey mode. It’s just such an easy palette to mix and match, and I love the drama of pairing super-bright lips with a monochromatic outfit. But hey- at least I’m mixing some patterns, right? There is paisley happening up in here!

This vest marks #7 in my puffer vest collection. I blame my vest obsession on my dad, who is rarely seen without his series of red vests. Seriously- when he was interviewed on national TV for his business, he was wearing a puffy vest. Gotta love it. My version fits a little closer to the body, and the polka dots add a splash of playfulness. Go grey or go bright- you’ve got to have a vest this time of year.

puffer vest, puffy vest style, polka dot vest, vest with layers

puffer vest, puffy vest style, polka dot vest, vest with layers

puffer vest, puffy vest style, polka dot vest, vest with layers

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Five Quick Snaps


This week more than ever, love is most certainly in the air. I felt it overtly in the post-SCOTUS ruling celebrations that overtook our beautiful city, and it felt it walking home up Fillmore Street and seeing smiling couples dining al fresco in the summer air. Next thing you know, I’ll start belting out, “I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes…”

It’s definitely been a week for self-reflection. I consider myself to be a fairly happy and grateful person, but I can still fall prey to dwelling on frustrations and negativity. It can be a roller-coaster of emotions inside this head, and I have to remind myself to sit back and sort them out from time to time.

One year ago, my dad underwent a sudden and serious surgery that prompted me to fly home urgently as my mom, brother, and I tried to hold ourselves together in the days and weeks that followed. It was the most distressing time in my life, and I noticed reverberations in my feelings and actions for months. Now that a year’s past and I think about seeing my dad grow strong and healthy again, it’s impossible not to feel grateful.

It’s amazing how those little annoying things fade away when I take a moment to realize how beautiful life can be.


The iconic Giant Dipper at the Santa Cruz boardwalk. Jim and I took a sudden (and rare!) weekend out of town together down to the beach, and it was exactly what I needed! Sunshine, soft serve, and lots of sea lion sightings.


Yes, that is indeed a glass of rosé on top of a stack of children’s books. Because being a grown-up is awesome.


There’s really nothing that needs to be said… I just really, really love California.


My summer shoe crush (by Vince Camuto, natch). Comfy and with built-in air conditioning? Yes, please!

Happy weekend, everyone! Thanks for coming by 🙂

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All You Need Are Sequins & Chardonnay

Michael Kors sequin dress, Michael Michael Kors, Vince Camuto Winchell, Pizzeria DelfinaMICHAEL Michael Kors sweaterdress, BCBG coat, Vince Camuto boots

Before moving to San Francisco, it never occurred to me that people would wait in line to eat at a restaurant. Growing up in rural Minnesota, the only restaurant that had a line outside was the Olive Garden in the local strip mall. I really didn’t get it; why would people in shows like Sex and the City willingly wait in line to get into a bar or club? Why not go to another one down the street? Now that I think about it, Carrie Bradshaw never had to wait in line, but you see my point.

However, some intelligent restauranteurs realized that waiting in line for a table becomes a lot more fun if you’re allowed to drink wine when you do it. At Pizzeria Delfina in Pacific Heights, patient patrons lounge against interestingly back-lit metal bench-things while sipping a glass of wine or locally brewed beer. Sometimes that glass refills itself, especially if the wait is over an hour. Hey, you’ve got to keep up your strength!

This MICHAEL Michael Kors sweaterdress is the newest addition to my “everyday sequins” movement (for those unaware, I kind of have a thing with wearing sequins in completely inappropriate situations, like to a casual dinner or grocery shopping). Even though it’s more than slightly sparkly, the loose fit and long sleeves feel a little more neighborhood pub than martini bar. I dressed it down even more with my beloved Winchell boots, which always lend a little comfy glamour to a night on the town.

This pizza was delicious, but the best part was sitting outside and taking in the scene. Whenever I go out at night, I usually stalk straight to the bus and then zip into the bar/club/restaurant as soon as I arrive. It’s rare that I just hang out and people-watch, but I think I’m going to have to start waiting in line a little more often.

Michael Kors sequin dress, Michael Michael Kors, Vince Camuto Winchell, Pizzeria Delfina

Michael Kors sequin dress, Michael Michael Kors, Vince Camuto Winchell, Pizzeria Delfina

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