The Current Uniform: Winter Style

winter style, winter clothing, winter fashion, black clothing style, monochromatic style

leather-sleeve sweater / fingerless gloves / cozy scarf / romper (on clearance!)
skinny jeans / perfect lipstick / neutral nail color
tall boots / live-in booties / cozy sweater

When I was in middle school, my friends would tease me about how everything I wore was neutral. I was especially partial to warm grey and army green, with the occasional shot of navy thrown in for good measure. I suspect that I was trying to blend in, as if my platinum-blonde pyramid hair would have ever let that happen. But as I grew older and more confident, I started embracing color.

And yet, I find myself coming full circle. Lately I’ve been slipping into a winter style uniform of almost all black, but so far I’m digging it. I can pretend I’m a tortured artist, or perhaps even an international spy. The sky’s the limit when you’re wearing non-color!

So for now, I’m playing with texture instead. Winter always calls for chunky knits, and I’ve been switching back and forth between this leather-sleeved sweater and a cozy-cute pullover from Patagonia that my mom gave me for Christmas. Really, all you need in life is a dressy sweater and a casual sweater.

For the finishing touches, I”m turning to more knit and leather. I found a fantastic pair of fingerless gloves at Bespoke on our trip to Truckee, and it’s hard to take them off. I’ve also been wearing the heck out of my new Rag & Bone boots, which seriously go with everything. Let me tell you- the extra 3 1/2 inches they give me are quite handy when trying to spot friends in a crowd.

And finally, when I want to get a little gussied up, I’ll slip on my favorite romper and a thick pair of tights. This funny little romper was an impulse purchase last summer, but its magical elastic waist and fantastic drape have turned it into a staple. I’ll never eat a heavy meal in anything else- I could hide small puppy inside that sucker without anyone knowing.

And that, folks, is my uniform of late. Is this looking familiar, or are you rocking something completely different right now?

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Wine on the Lips

fall sweaters, Thanksgiving outfits, wine country style

fall sweaters, Thanksgiving outfits, wine country style

I know it’s all about snow and trees in most of the country right now, but here in the Bay Area, we’re in a state of perpetual fall. Jim and I trekked (ok, drove a whole 45 minutes) up to Allyson‘s place a few weeks ago, and we managed to squeeze in a few quick photos in her backyard before dinner. Dexter the cat kept his watchful eyes on us, but he eventually gave in and decided to ham it up a bit for the camera.

Since my first foray into lipstick two years ago, I’ve worn bright pinks, bold reds, and the occasional nude. I’ve stayed completely away from deep or dark colors, fearing that I’d look like a reject from a Buffy the Vampire Slayer casting. But the new deep wine and burgundy lipsticks look surprisingly fresh when paired with a mostly-bare face, and it was time to give it a shot.

Every time I head up north, visions of a dog (or a barn cat) and backyard dance in my head. I’ve always felt a split between my small-town roots and infatuation with urban life, and usually they stay balanced. But when the sun dips down low and the vineyard turns gold, it’s a tough act to compete with.

I’d like to pretend that I kept this grown-up ensemble on for the rest of the evening, but we all know I put on my footie pajamas the first chance I got. At least I wasn’t the only one!

fall sweaters, Thanksgiving outfits, wine country style

fall sweaters, Thanksgiving outfits, wine country style

fall sweaters, Thanksgiving outfits, wine country style, Texas necklace

country cat, barn cat

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Edgy Sweater Weather

It’s officially cozy sweater weather. And by “officially,” I mean I have a hard time leaving the house without a sweater on, so I might as well pretend that I have a justification for it. I’ve always gravitated towards fuzzy, warm things during time of cold and stress, so sweaters are high on my list of winter necessities. I’m wearing one right now, although it’s about 15 years old and not exactly the sort of thing one tends to post on a fashion blog. Perhaps some seasonal mulled wine will help change my mind.

But I digress (as always). Although I love a classic (dare I say preppy?) cable-knit sweater as much as the next girl, I especially love finding a sweater that has those edgy elements that make it feel truly me. Snippets of leather or woven strands of metallic yarn give a sweater a little something extra, so you can stay cozy without looking too sweet. I like to pair fun sweaters with my favorite leather shorts and leggings ensemble for a night out, but they’re also so easy with my favorite jeans and booties.

Which one of these sweaters above is your favorite? How would you wear them?

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