Bust out the combat boots and toss out your razor, ladies.

…because according to Style.com, it’s trendy to be a lesbian. And apparently, lesbians don’t wear high heels. The article cites the rise of lesbian relationships within the fashion and entertainment community, postulating that the shrinking heel heights and androgynous styles of the moment are evidence of the growing popularity of the trend.

Fashion is nothing if not fickle and fleeting. Last year’s wide-leg pants have given way (back again) to the jean legging, and those leather shorts trumpeted in every August issue have disappeared from downtown. Anyone who ever purchased harem pants or platform flip-flops can certainly sympathize (and who hasn’t?). If you don’t like how you looked today, you can always beg your friends to keep the photos off Facebook and simply reinvent yourself tomorrow.

Style.com article

It doesn’t work that way when it comes to sexuality. The article may have been intended as a tongue-in-cheek commentary on changing fashion trends, but comparing tossing on a trendy shirt to coming out of the closet deserves a side-eye. The good folks at Refinery29 put it well in their commentary on the article, saying “While we’re glad to see that the fashion industry is resembling the vox populi more and more, it seems rather reductive to take an inherent personal characteristic and turn it into a social trend (not to mention an aesthetic — yikes)” (Refinery29).

I will acknowledge that being gay has lost much of the shock value of years past. The mainstream media increasingly represents openly gay men and women, with characters such as Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars and Santana Lopez on Glee defying the lesbians-must-be-butch stereotype that still lingers in much of the world.

Despite this evolution, we’re still stuck with the polarizing idea that lesbians look one way and straight women look another. I often get asked if I’m a lesbian, which may have something to do with being a San Francisco-living, pixie haircut-rocking, bleeding-heart-vegetarian-feminist-activist-don’t-say-“that’s so gay”-in-front-of-me woman. If I choose to respond and tell the questioner that I find some women attractive but am married to a man, brows furrow and mouths open to ask the next invasive question.

“Oh, so you’re just doing that thing that’s cool now? Like on Jersey Shore?” Apparently Style.com isn’t the only one confusing personal identity with trends.

My clothes change with the weather, my mood, the music I’m listening to… it’s endless. But my core identity doesn’t change. And I believe that many people, gay or straight or anywhere in between, would feel the same.

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I have to admit…

I felt a little nervous about picking out a look for my first outfit post! I’ll be honest; I created a tornado in my apartment last night as I tried on half the contents of my closet. I wanted to put something together that would make a statement, but all the outfits that kept coming together didn’t really feel like me.

Then I remembered the reason I wanted to do this. I’m so inspired by blogs like Jennifer Hsieh’s, which showcase the writer’s personality and their everyday style. I was reminded of a great post about authenticity on the Independent Fashion Bloggers website, which encouraged me to post without trying to impress anyone or be someone I’m not. And if I’m being authentic, sometimes I like to wear tunic/cape/sweater things that wouldn’t look out of place when dressing up as Link from the Legend of Zelda for Halloween.


I found said green hybrid at Urban Outfitters back in 2007. It was a huge splurge at the time for a senior in college (I believe it was around $80), but it’s been worth its weight in gold. I love how its hemline hits at the same places as my minidress- all the better to create awkward twirling photos in Chinatown!

The polka dot dress from Forever 21 is a nod to my love of 60’s silhouettes and icons. My closet is chock-full of dresses with short hemlines, mostly sheath and a-line with a handful of drop waist styles thrown in for good measure. My snake-hipped figure of high school and early college has deserted me, so I make sure to interpret the designs to suit my body- I’m pretty sure Twiggy never had to worry about being a classic pear shape! The drop waist and flouncy skirt work well for my body, and it’s so darn comfy.

I’m off now to celebrate my two year wedding anniversary with my husband, starting with smiley face pancakes… At 1 PM. Good times.

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WANT: Vince Camuto “Winchell”

From the 2012 Vince Camuto campaign

I have a confession that’s a bit odd for a fashion blogger (can I really give myself that title after two posts? Oh well, I’m going for it!). I very, very rarely buy new pieces when they’re in season. Don’t mistake me- I pride myself on staying on top of the newest trends and staying present in the wider world of fashion. But honestly, I buy most of what’s in my closet by scouring piles of last season’s styles and picking what works for me.

I can appreciate the thrill of nabbing that perfect bag that you just saw in the most recently issue of Vogue or on the side of a bus downtown. I really can. But for now, I need to work with my bank account and not against it. Truthfully, I get a miserly thrill out of finding something truly amazing at a major discount. I’m smiling a goober-y grin of nostalgic pride as I type this, remembering back to December 2010, when I nabbed the coveted Gilgarran boots from Anthropologie during the single day that they dropped to 75% off and then sold out. Yep, that was one for the ages.

That said, occasionally I see something that makes me throw my budget-friendly notions straight out the window, down the hill, and splashing into the bay. It’s rare, but when it happens…

It’s love.

Copyright Bloomingdales.com

When I saw these Winchell boots by Vince Camuto when paging through Elle, I knew I had to have them. The moto style, combined with the delicate gold hardware and the very hill-friendly flat style, made my eyes pop out and sent my hand grabbing for my iPhone.

They aren’t officially out until September 25th, but until then, they’re dancing in my head, sometimes paired with bright red tights and a black t-shirt dress, other times rocking out with my gold sequined Parker minidress.

Well done, Vince Camuto. You’re made a devotee out of me, and I haven’t even felt them on my feet (yet).

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