Holiday Gift Guide: Picks Under $100

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fab shades ($69) / bookish iPhone charger ($68) / pretty fragrance ($68)
dictionary iPhone wallet ($85) / measuring cup set ($70) / decorative plates ($60)
french press ($60) / cozy throw ($68 – just marked down to $40!)
gold-rimmed glasses ($54) / pave ring ($96) / clever canister with chocolate ($69)

With nine days left until Christmas, it’s time to roll out the big guns. That’s right- we’re now on to the gift guide between $50 and $100. From a funky iPhone charger to a refreshingly honest canister filled with chocolate, these are my favorite luxe picks for friends and family this year.

And as a bonus, the cozy little throw I picked from Anthropologie just went on sale this morning from $68 down to $40. Score!

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SEVEN Quick Snaps (whoa)


Hoooooly guinea pig, I just realized it’s been a month to the day since my last Five Quick Snaps post. I used to do them fairly consistently, but somehow the last month got away from me. I realized that part of it is that I’ve been spending a lot more time at home writing and less time out and about on the town. But with the holidays rapidly approaching and the next few weeks packed full of holly jolly merrymaking, I’m sure that things will change.

The last month has held so much- a visit back to see family, celebrations with friends, and our third-annual tradition of squeezing a giant live Christmas tree into our studio. There’s been holiday shopping, some cyber Monday insanity, and lots and lots of holiday coffee drinks. Here are just a few snippets of what’s been going on since November 13th, and I’ll catch any interested parties up in full over the next week.

As always, you’re a rockstar for reading. Seriously- you should have your own band.


First, alllll the way back to November! Jim and I jetted back to Chicago for his brother’s engagement party (to pretty much the coolest chick ever). She’s the hottie on my right in this photo. Have you ever had one of those moments when you realize that all the people you just met are just ridiculously awesome? That’s pretty much the bridesmaid situation. Katie, you’re simply fantastic (and not just because I know you actually read my posts) 🙂


I’ve had many a latte in my life (insert crotchety old man voice here), but nothing tops the beauties at Jane on Fillmore. It’s pretty much my idea of paradise- the muffins are divine, the coffee is perfect, and at least one of the lovable, scruffy baristas will be wearing a flannel that matches mine on any given day. Love.


 Oh, Jonathan Adler– you clever dear. Just steps from Jane lies that deliciously decadent interior design shop- basically the place that dreams are made of. I can’t get enough of these cheeky little canisters– seriously, how many double takes would you get the next time you had guests into your kitchen? I picked out the couch I want for our apartment, and now all we have to do is double our incomes. Le sigh.


Speaking of incomes, I was a wee bit nervous heading into dinner at Flour + Water with girlfriends the other day. One of my friends actually had the grown-up wherewithal to make a reservation three months ahead of time (the typical requirement), and our slot finally arrived. I had heard terrifying things about the cost of dinner there, but I was surprised in the most fantastic fashion. It’s definitely a special occasion kind of place, but I loved the ambiance, the pumpkin-stuffed pasta, and the $8 glasses of rosé. Well done, F + W!


Hold on now, Sarah. Didn’t you already show us this picture? Well, yes and no. In my post about must-do San Francisco holiday activities, I mentioned the Hyatt and how unbelievably jolly and gorgeous it becomes this time of year. I took this photo myself after dragging Jim inside during a day of shopping. It’s seriously one of my favorite parts of this season. Go see for yourself!


And finally…. ahhhhh. Isn’t this just so calming? I don’t usually see the city from this view, and it just makes me so happy. And if you have an absurdly good memory and read my blog religiously (yes, I’m talking to you, that one guy), you might recognize this view from the day I went swimming a few months ago. Pretty sure that won’t be happening again for a while.

To get the view without getting wet, stroll out to the end of Aquatic Park Pier and look back south. For bonus points, do it after dark to see the amazing lights. Can’t go wrong 🙂

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Holiday Gift Guide: Picks Under $50

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stovetop espresso maker ($50) / bloody mary kit  ($40) / iphone case ($40) / metallic clutch ($48)
arrow bangle ($39) / dangly earrings ($34) / yummy candle ($29)
pretty candle ($28) / calendar ($26) / serving bowl ($36)
sourdough starter kit ($30) / elephant lamp ($50) / cashmere gloves ($50)

Last week, I shared my gift guide under $25, and today I’m unveiling my slightly-more-luxe picks under $50 (it sounds so grand that way, right?). I didn’t really “get” cashmere until a friend bought me my first pair of cashmere gloves, and now I love spreading the cozy-soft warmth. The wheat-colored pair from Gap goes with almost every winter coat, so it’s a safe bet color-wise. For the foodie and drinkie (?) set out there, the gourmet Bloody Mary and sourdough starter kits are so fun- kind of like toys for adults. I bought the stovetop espresso maker for the husband a few Christmases ago, and I love how well it’s held up to weekend use.

For the glam gal in your life (because there’s one in every group…), I’m a fan of the Kate Spade champagne-themed iPhone case. So cute! And you can’t go wrong with a glitzy clutch, especially with New Year’s Eve around the corner. A friend recently introduced me to Stella & Dot, and they have several beautiful pieces that I know would appeal to my girlfriends (see the dangly earrings and arrow bangle).

So tell me- what do you think? Are any of these going to make it onto your gifting (or your own) list this year?

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