Edgy Sweater Weather

It’s officially cozy sweater weather. And by “officially,” I mean I have a hard time leaving the house without a sweater on, so I might as well pretend that I have a justification for it. I’ve always gravitated towards fuzzy, warm things during time of cold and stress, so sweaters are high on my list of winter necessities. I’m wearing one right now, although it’s about 15 years old and not exactly the sort of thing one tends to post on a fashion blog. Perhaps some seasonal mulled wine will help change my mind.

But I digress (as always). Although I love a classic (dare I say preppy?) cable-knit sweater as much as the next girl, I especially love finding a sweater that has those edgy elements that make it feel truly me. Snippets of leather or woven strands of metallic yarn give a sweater a little something extra, so you can stay cozy without looking too sweet. I like to pair fun sweaters with my favorite leather shorts and leggings ensemble for a night out, but they’re also so easy with my favorite jeans and booties.

Which one of these sweaters above is your favorite? How would you wear them?

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