Blogger Style Roundup: Drama, Drama, Drama

Cheetah is the New Black

Not Your Average Style Fix

Thrill of the Heel


Wendy's Lookbook

As much as I love a simple outfit with subtle details, there’s something to be said for going big. Really big. It’s easy to love bold looks on the runway or in the pages of a magazine, but it’s quite another to have the confidence to wear them on the street. I tend to slip into a rut of the same old, same old during the workweek, but these bloggers remind me that it’s possible to make a statement every day.

Whether it’s serious volume at Cheetah is the New Black or bold, graphic patterns on Not Your Average Style Fix, I’m loving these dramatic looks right now.

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Daughter, Sister


For the first time in years, fashion has been completely off my mind. I’ve been reaching for my oldest jeans and Jim’s Patagonia jacket while spending time with my family around the Bay Area. Walking along Land’s End and hiking through Jack London State Park let me reset myself from fashion to function, and I have to say it was refreshing to get dressed in the morning without giving a moment’s thought to creating an outfit. I love styling different looks and have a blast telling you about them, but it’s still nice to take some time away.

My parents lived here for over a decade when I was younger (and even before I existed), so their visits are always a beautiful combination of me showing them my world and them showing us what their life was like not too long ago. We spent much of our time by the water, be it Sutro Baths in the city or Marin’s Muir Beach, my favorite childhood place. Minnesota may have 10,000 lakes, but we have the Pacific.

Having family in town is always so wonderful, but it never fails to make me miss them more. Lately I’m dreaming of hopping onto a plane to Minnesota this fall, arriving in a sea of golden leaves, chilly nights, and the smell of wood smoke. Who knows what this fall will bring…












Dad Collage



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The Cave

Pine Ridge Napa, Pine Ridge Cellars

Pine Ridge Napa, Pine Ridge Cellars
Pine Ridge Napa, Pine Ridge Cellars

When I was in Girl Scouts, our troop had the chance to go down into an old Northern Minnesota mine. Now, this crazy little girl would have happily plunged head-first into the Pacific Ocean or dashed off into the woods, but you could not have gotten me into that mine even if Nick Carter was down there (my favorite of the Backstreet Boys, for those of you not born between 1983 and 1992).

Even now, you can’t get me into a small, confined space for love or money. When my friend Allyson mentioned that we could go into the cellar cave at a winery she used to work for, I’m pretty sure my facial expression was somewhere between a frightened guinea pig and a cat who just received an involuntary bath.

But fortunately, caves have gotten a wee bit more fun since I’ve reached the drinking age. The caves at Pine Ridge Cellars are more intriguing than intimidating, and there’s not a bat in sight. The barrels of wine are aged in here to maintain a cool, dark environment, and the space is also pretty conducive to cool parties. They also make one a bit goofy and attempt to recreate American Gothic (see above).

Once we traveled back up into the scorching sun, I found myself a bit wistful for the quiet and peaceful cave. Score one for grown-up Sarah; score zero for childhood fears.

Pine Ridge Napa, Pine Ridge Cellars


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