Thread and Bones

Blogging can be an isolating task, what with its hours spent editing photos and time required to brainstorm new posts and fresh ideas. When I first started, I found it daunting and a bit lonely… that is, until a beautiful girl who I had never met before started commenting on my posts. Those comments quickly turned into a fantastic brunch, and then a trek around my neighborhood, a fantastic costume party, and then countless evenings full of cocktails and laughter.

But, as they do, fantastic people have a way of wanting to travel the globe and share their light with the rest of the world. The fantastic, unparalleled, gifted J.M. is on her way to Paris as I type this, and I may be a little misty right about now. She’ll be back someday, and I know I’ll get to live vicariously through her beautiful blog, but San Francisco just got a little less vibrant.

Safe travels, my dear. Miss you already.

All images by MB Maher or JM Mericle

Cable-Knit Sweater and Tights with JM

black and white style, vintage style, vintage fashion, San Francisco vintage

black and white style, vintage style, vintage fashion, San Francisco vintage

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LA Weekend Packing List

LA packing list, Los Angeles packing list

I’d like to say that I’m packing light for my trip to BeautyCon in Los Angeles this weekend. I’d like to say that I’m bringing two shirts, a pair of shorts, and a dress, and that I’m going to be the ultimate master of mixing and matching. But I prefer to avoid gratuitously lying on my blog.

The last time I was in Los Angeles, I was drooling on Mickey Mouse at Disneyland and only ate macaroni and cheese. I had no idea what high heeled shoes were, and I couldn’t have cared less about going to a pool party unless people were actually swimming. I’ve already confessed how little-kid dazzled I am by the glamour of fashion in a big city, and Los Angeles takes the glamour of San Francisco and gives it highlights, a spray-tan, and thrice-weekly Pilates.

So, I’m bringing seven pair of shoes for three days, and I’m damn proud. I could pretend that this is just another routine weekend trip in the life of a fashion blogger, but it’s not. Frankly, I’m so excited I’m about to pee myself (ok, not really- I would never ruin my new leather shorts).

To try to slightly tone down my tendency to pack like a rabid wolf chowing down on its last fashion meal, I stuck to neutrals for my outfits and added pops of my beloved fuchsia with accessories and fun nails. The badass sandals I mentioned before proved to be absolutely walkable, so I’m going to rely on them for most of the trip other than evenings when I hobble from a cab to a barstool. And who can resist a neon-pink bikini?

Who knows, maybe I’ll actually swim.

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Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about giving my blog a makeover? Well, it didn’t exactly stop there- just call me Miss Platinum! Maybe it’s the sense of excitement in the air that comes with the changing of seasons, or maybe it’s this back-to-school time, when every new year brings the promise of a new look and new possibilities. Either way, I decided it was time to step outside of the norm and surprise myself. I’m still getting used to it, but so far I’m digging the change! Much love to the ever-fabulous Danielle at Renaissance Salon for making this happen and helping convince me to take a walk on the wild side.

I’m heading to Los Angeles today to cover BeautyCon, so keep an eye out for updates and other bits of fun! Full stories to come soon on Sanfranista (and hopefully elsewhere- you never know!). I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

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