Blogger Style Roundup: Drama, Drama, Drama

Cheetah is the New Black

Not Your Average Style Fix

Thrill of the Heel


Wendy's Lookbook

As much as I love a simple outfit with subtle details, there’s something to be said for going big. Really big. It’s easy to love bold looks on the runway or in the pages of a magazine, but it’s quite another to have the confidence to wear them on the street. I tend to slip into a rut of the same old, same old during the workweek, but these bloggers remind me that it’s possible to make a statement every day.

Whether it’s serious volume at Cheetah is the New Black or bold, graphic patterns on Not Your Average Style Fix, I’m loving these dramatic looks right now.

Images from top to bottom property of Cheetah is the New BlackNot Your Average Style FixThrill of the HeelAtlantic-Pacific, Wendy’s Lookbook

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  1. I can never, ever, ever pull off looks as bold as these (well, I guess I also never tried) since they require so much confidence in your style. I’m obsessing ovver the last one though – blue accents on a black and white outfit? Yes please. Maybe one day! 😉

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