Sailboats & Layers

H&M crochet tunic, chambray shirt, Fort Mason, women's necktie, women's neck tie

H&M crochet tunic, chambray shirt, Fort Mason, women's necktie, women's neck tie

H&M tunic (surprise!), Urban Outfitters chambray shirt, Maison Scotch bow tie, Cole Haan boots

I’m a woman who loves a challenge, and trying to find something cute to wear that’s appropriate for a 10-mile urban hike is a hell of a challenge. If I’m going jogging, I’ll set vanity aside and opt for practical workout clothes, but a long Sunday walk calls for something a little more fun. I usually reach for layers, leggings, and my favorite pair of flat boots that have seen more miles than my running shoes.

As a part of our “we’re real grownups living well, I promise!” New Year’s resolutions, Jim and I have started taking long walks on Sundays. They’re partly for exercise and mostly for fun as we traverse the width of the city and explore little shops as we go. This particular walk circled around to Fort Mason, the gorgeous waterfront area that houses everything from my favorite restaurant to youth performance spaces.

With a view of Alcatraz and the smell of bakery buns wafting in from a little cafe, it’s the perfect spot to sit a spell and take it all in.

H&M crochet tunic, chambray shirt, Fort Mason, women's necktie, women's neck tie

Fort Mason, Fort Mason San Francisco H&M crochet tunic, chambray shirt, Fort Mason, women's necktie, women's neck tie

Fort Mason, Fort Mason San Francisco, San Francisco Bay

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Five Quick Snaps

Stella and Dot, Stella and Dot pegasus, Stella and Dot pegasus necklace, pegasus necklace, gold feather necklace

Oh my, how I love this Pegasus necklace from Stella & Dot! I borrowed it from a fabulously stylish friend to wear for a big networking event, and it was an awesome conversation starter. I might just buy one as a “hooray, I got a job!” gift to myself (whenever that happens!).

latte, latte art, La Boulange, La Boulange latte

Does anyone else enjoy photographing lattes as much as I do? I mean, I order them primarily because they’re delicious, but getting to peek at the little designs in the foam is an equally compelling motivation. It’s kind of like looking for shapes in the clouds, only more caffeinated.

friends, photo of friends, silly girl photo

She might kill me for posting this photo, but I couldn’t resist including this fun little selfie with my fabulous friend Allyson. We met in the first week of college back in 2004 (yep, I’m no spring chicken!), and our friendship has withstood the test of time. We’ll have to have a 10-year friendiversary party next year. I’m thinking wine, cupcakes, and more wine.

One Billion Rising, 1 Billion Rising, One Billion Rising SF, One Billion Rising San Francisco

I snapped this shot at One Billion Rising, the rally to mark the 15-year anniversary of V-Day. For those unfamiliar with V-Day, it’s a compelling project inspired by Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues aimed at ending violence against women. It was so inspiring standing with this amazing group of men and women pledging to end gender violence.

Rickhouse, Rickhouse San Francisco, Rickhouse nightlife, Rickhouse bar, Rickhouse SF

I can’t get enough of SF nightlife shots, even if they’re a wee bit grainy 😉 This one hails from Rickhouse, a favorite after-work watering hole in the Financial District. Almost the entire bar is assembled from old wine and liquor barrels, from the ceiling to the cages around the light bulbs. If you’re in the area, try their Old Cuban cocktail!

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One Dress, Two Ways: Inspiration

Crochet dress, H&M crochet dressThe jig is up- for being a fashion blogger, I kinda wear the same stuff all the time. The flannel I wore in Dolores Park has had more than its fair share of wear since then, and a cozy grandma sweater that I will NEVER showcase on this blog has been my uniform this week (ok, three days in a row. Sue me).

It’s easy to get away with wearing the same nondescript article of clothing a few times in a row during the day, but it’s a little bit more difficult to wear a statement piece a few times without seeming redundant. My gold Parker dress is probably the most stand-out article of clothing that I own, and I tend to shy away from wearing it more than once every few months (the last time I wore it was during fashion week!.

My calendar isn’t often full of events that call for a sparkly dress, so when it does, I definitely want to take advantage. I’m wearing it tonight for Valentine’s Day dinner with the husband, and I’ll put it on again less than 24 hours later (gasp!) for a night out dancing in the Castro with friends.Here’s the inspiration for each ensemble, and I’ll post photos on Monday to see how I did with the challenge!

Date Night

For date night tonight, I wanted to anchor the sequins with black pumps and tights while adding a bit of sweet color with pink lips and barely-there nail color. The black star earrings punk it up a little (I couldn’t resist!), but pearls would be a classic touch.

Dancing 'till Dawn

If you’ve ever wanted to channel rocker-chic-biker-Marilyn-slightly-trashy-arm-party, there’s no better time to do it than when going dancing with your friends. I love the Castro for its vibrancy and anything-goes nature, but this look would be just as at home (if not a little daring!) at any fun party.

I hope you’re having a great Valentine’s Day today, whether you’re headed to a date, hanging out with friends, or just taking it easy on your own. XO!

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