Five Quick Snaps


Immediately after taking this photo, I said out loud, “This latte is so cool, it should really be iced.” This is what brunch with me is like, folks. My husband is truly the most tolerant man in the world. Thanks to Jane on Fillmore for providing the fabulously well-coordinated latte mug and tabletop pattern- is that chic or what?


I always love a fashion show, whether it’s a giant production with pyrotechnics or a casual line of models cutting through a crowd. Monday’s Fashion/Tech PR Reception showcased looks from West Coast Leather, a line of totally wearable leather dresses that make me reconsider my leather-for-accessories-only stance.


Betcha thought I’d get all the way through a week’s worth of snaps without including a photo of the bridge, huh? Well, you thought wrong.
In fact…


That’s right- not one but TWO bridge photos!
Make fun of me if you wish. It really was amazing how perfectly timed our walk across the bridge was, though, since you can only capture the shadow like this during a brief window of time.


Sometimes, one plaid isn’t enough. Some days just call for two.
And by “some days,” I mean at least once a week.

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