Five Quick Snaps


My long-term shoe crush… Nobody does studs like Jeffrey Campbell.

It has been a pretty darn intense last few weeks. I know nobody likes a vagueblogger, but I promise that I’ll be more straightforward as soon as things settle down and start taking shape for me. I used to laugh at the notion of a quarter-life crisis, but I’m singing a different tune these days. However, it’s often the strongest upheaval that brings you to the next stage in your life.

God, I’m such a therapist.

For now, suffice to say that nothing quite lifts my spirits like drinking champagne with a bunch of fellow fashion geeks and coveting beautiful bow ties and adorable elephant necklaces. Fashion+Tech SF‘s 3rd Year Anniversary party was just what I needed, and a trusting gentlemam even let me take over the official event Tweeter for the night. Chaos!


This little guy comes from the fabulously curated collection at Trendy Mondays. I refrained from making him my own and am already pining away.


The floral, the gingham, the tangerine… Win, win, win.


You know it’s going to be a good party when Andre is involved.
Just me? Okay then.


I love sneaking up on photographers mid-snap. Since Jim is almost always hiding behind a camera, this is usually how I catch him. Good thing I love being photographed enough for the both of us! #alittlenarcissistic

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A Girl, A Park, A Flannel

Dolores Park, Mission District, flannel shirt with jean shorts, women's flannel shirt, Marc Jacobs guitar watchAmerican Eagle Men’s Flannel, DIY jean shorts, Cole Haan boots (similar here), Urban Outfitters sunglasses

When I left the hallowed halls of my small-town Minnesota high school behind, I thought that the days of lunchroom factions were over. As Mean Girls so perfectly illustrates, many high school cafeterias are home to subtle turf wars and blatant divisions. We all remember the infamous linoleum tables that housed the Jocks, the Preps, the Brains, and so on (in my case, the Drama Geeks).

San Francisco’s Dolores Park resembles a giant, grassy, marijuana-scented high school lunchroom. With areas such as Gay Beach, Toddler Town, Queen’s Corner, and Hippie Hill (or Hipster Hill, depending on who you ask and their allegiance to tie-dye), different groups claim different areas of the park. Ok, I made up Toddler Town, but I think it’ll stick.

Dolores Park, Mission District, flannel shirt with jean shorts, women's flannel shirt, Marc Jacobs guitar watch

Unlike high school, however, a visitor from one area is welcomed in another. Speedos are not a requirement in Gay Beach, and you don’t have to eat a pot cookie to hang out in Hippie Hill. Actually, the only official requirement is that creepy adults can’t hang out in the playground unless they have a child with them (thank goodness).

The areas are less about segregation and more about affiliation, a place to feel at home even if you fail to resemble those around you. Sure, you can tell where small children give way to small dogs and sandals replace dress shoes, but even a baby from Noe Valley and a pug from Nob Hill have been known to play together.

And me? I like it all, especially the man who makes balloon animals and giant bubbles. Perhaps I belong in Toddler Town.

Dolores Park, Mission District, flannel shirt with jean shorts, women's flannel shirt, Marc Jacobs guitar watch

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9 Under $39: The Perfect Plaid Shirt

9 Under $49: The Perfect Plaid Shirt

Top Row (Boys’ Club): Woolrich Heirloom, Woolrich PembertonShe Inside
Middle Row (Feminine Details): Modcloth, Topshop, BKE
Bottom Row (Bold Brights): Forever 21, BKE, Aeropostale

This isn’t the first time that I’ve waxed poetic about plaid shirts, and it certainly won’t be the last. I know that saying “plaid shirt” may conjure up images of lumberjacks, Nirvana, and fixie-riding hipsters, but that’s just bad PR. No longer relegated to work-shirt territory, plaid shirts can be one of the most versatile items in a woman’s closet.

I love pairing boyfriend styles as a relaxed counterpart to slim, tailored pants or even wearing wool versions as a jacket over a casual dress. Plaid shirts with more feminine detailing like belts and studded collars look at home tucked into relaxed jeans, while attention-grabbing bright plaids are the perfect way to wake up a neutral ensemble.

My collage above features nine of my current favorites, all under $39 (woo hoo!). The top row contains classic, boyfriend-fit styles (my personal favorite), the second row features shirts with girlie details, and the bottom trio are bold options that play with bright color.

How do you like to style your plaid? Will I need to do more to further convince you anti-plaid people out there? Seriously, I could do this all day. Just let me open up a fresh can of PBR.

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