6 Ways to Wear Shorts + Tights

Shorts + Tights: A Perfect Pairing

Shorts + Tights: A Perfect Pairing by sanfranista featuring floral shorts

Yesterday I waxed poetic about how shorts and tights work together like peanut butter and jelly, like Tofurky and Thanksgiving, like football pads and Black Friday crowds. Today I wanted to show you six more pairings that can take you anywhere from a casual day shopping to a fun night out. My classic black shorts are one of my most-worn wardrobe staples, but it’s fun to mix it up with interesting fabrics like tweed, sequins, leather, and brocade.

I’d wear the first two looks out to the bars with a basic black tank (or metallic grey for the second look) and a pair of black booties. It’s a refreshing change from the typical minidress that gives you a unique, funky vibe. I’d add a fun blouse with a vintage feel to the third and fourth looks and style them with loafers or flats. The fifth look could go casual with Converse and a graphic tee or sweet and prim with a classic white button-down and kitten heels. The last look works well for an upscale brunch or daytime party with an ivory puffed-sleeve top and elegant ballet flats.

Which of these looks is most wearable to you? How would you style these looks? Are you a fan of the shorts-and-tights look, or do you have a different go-to pairing?

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Pan Collar + Shorts + Tights = Yes You Can!

Old Hollywood Pan Collar and ShortsForever 21 blouse, Express shorts, Forever 21 tights (similar here), Kelly + Katie booties, Crossroads sunglasses, Burberry Lip Mist in Feather Pink on lips

After years of scorn and derision, I’m a recent but enthusiastic convert to shorts with tights. Less than a year ago, I quietly judged women I would spot wearing tights, boots, and everything from jean cutoffs to cuffed silk culottes. It just seemed wrong to me; shorts should be reserved for beaches, casual picnics, and the grubbiest household chores. Wear them out, let alone to a dressy event? Oh, the humanity!

Then 2012 happened, and the new styles demanded that I reevaluate my rigid resistance. These shorts are sleek, well-tailored, and versatile enough to integrate their way into any outfit. Pairing shorts with tights also allows you to pull of a leg-lengthening micro-mini hemline without looking like a harlot or flashing the world every time you sit down. Who can argue with that?

To take my pro-shorts campaign further, wearing a pair of shorts over tights or leggings demonstrates that you understand the cardinal rule that leggings are simply not pants. I don’t care how many starlets blatantly ignore it; it’s a cold, hard fact, and an entire generation of high school women is going to grow up and shamefully shred all photos taken from 2011 and 2012. I know it’s been discussed ad nauseum, but it’s a fashion choice I simply cannot abide.

Shorts + Tights = Fashionable, Versatile, and Comfortable. Need I say more?

Also, please note that all photos are by the fabulous MB Maher.Old Hollywood Pan Collar and ShortsHoundstooth Tights and Buckled BootiesOld Hollywood Pan Collar and Shorts2

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