Five Quick Snaps

Apple pie with maple leaf cutout ๐Ÿ™‚

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Port of #sanfrancisco at the Ferry Building. #city #downtown

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The #Fairmont #sanfrancisco, all decked out in #Christmas lights.

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Happy Thanksgiving! #centerpiece

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#sanfrancisco #goldengate #fog #ferry #iphoneography

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one. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without a homemade apple pie! The deformed-looking cutout in the middle was supposed to be a fall leaf. Just squint really hard, and you might be able to see it!

two. I love the “Port of San Francisco” sign at the ferry building. I used to see it arriving in from Marin as a child, and it still evokes that same sense of excitement and homecoming as an adult.

three. The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. The first beautiful lights of the season always send a tingle down my spine, and I love the Fairmont’s take here… Simultaneously jolly and classy!

four. Who says you can’t have a full, formal Thanksgiving dinner in a table-less studio apartment? Just wrangle a giant table up from the laundry room in your basement, buy secondhand table linens off of Craigslist, and use your bed as bench seating. Voila! And yes, that’s a can of cranberry sauce that Jim added as his contribution to the centerpiece.

five. I love these picture of a picture photos. For the first few years of our relationship, the only photos I had of my camera-shy husband were of him in photographer mode. He’s more comfortable now and ready with a goofy photo grin, but snapshots like this make me smile as they bring me back in time.

Happy Monday!

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Leather & Lace

Crochet Tunic and Zara Leather JacketH&M crochet tunic (recently seen here), H&M leggings, Zara faux leather jacket (real leather version here), Coconuts by Matisse “Monah” boots, Guerlain “Rouge G de Guerlain” lipcolor in Gigi

Even an eternal weather optimist like me can acknowledge that it’s officially winter around here. In San Francisco, that means generally overcast, rainy weather that occasionally surprises you with a burst of sunshine. Regardless of the mild climate, it’s still time to shift my wardrobe into winter mode. Well, sort of.

Unlike some, I refuse to hide away my summer dresses and shorts from October through April. Instead of cutting my wardrobe in half, I choose to amplify it by layering my breeziest summer dresses with cool-weather staples that give new life to my old favorites. Scarves, tights, jackets, and layers of lightweight sweaters all allow me to wear my summer pieces straight through the new year.

My favorite way to mix seasons is toughening up my ladylike dresses with (usually faux) leather accents. While a leather moto jacket and buckled boots can be a little too Rebel Without a Cause, pairing them with a sweet crochet dress and girly pink lips makes the outfit edgy, not costume-y. The gauzy grey scarf below adds another romantic (and warm!) layer to the look without weighing it down. To get a sense of how versatile my crocheted tunic can be, check out how I styled it with shorts on an 85ยบ day last month in Sacramento.

What are your favorite summer dresses, and (how) do you wear them in winter?

All photos by MB Maher.

Crochet Tunic and Zara Leather JacketCrochet Tunic and Zara Leather Jacket

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Five Quick Snaps: 2nd Minnesota Edition

A lone gingerbread pentapus in a sea of starfish...

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#minneapolis #city #skyline

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Nothing beats a classic cinnamon roll. #panera

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Yes, this is a ninja star.

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Gold Medal Flour by the river in #minneapolis

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one. A lone gingerbread pentapus in a sea of starfish.

two. The Minneapolis skyline from inside the Guthrie Theater. My mom & I went to see A Christmas Carol, one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

three. Cinnamon roll party!

four. While sorting through boxes in my old room, I found a jar of memorabilia from my freshman year of college. A good friend crafted this ninja star during his welding class, and I caused a slight airport security panic in December 2005 when I brought the jar home in my carry-on bag. Oops.

five. One of my favorite views from the Minneapolis river area. The Gold Medal Flour sign always signified home and the pulse of the city, and I still think of it as the most iconic Minneapolis image that I know.

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