Just in Time for Halloween: How Zombies and Sequins Go Together

Super Layers with Cardigan, Chambray, Sequins, Zombie T-ShirtKnitted Dove cardigan, Urban Outfitters chambray shirt, Threadless t-shirt, Urban Outfitters sequin tank, Paperboy trousers, Franco Sarto sandals, Burberry Lip Mist in Copper

My husband can pinpoint the moment that he knew it was going to marry me, and it involved zombies. I had met him through a friend of a friend back in 2006, and we were all hanging around, drinking Hawkeye vodka and chatting about movies (it was in Iowa, ok?). At one point, someone asked me about what kind of movies I liked. Without pausing, I replied, “The zombie-r, the better.”

Apparently that’s all it took. Who knew?

In honor of zombies (and Halloween, aka the best day of the year), I pulled out my old Threadless “In Case of Zombies” shirt and gave it a fun remix. Back in September, I challenged myself to create a super-layered, super-loose look, which pretty much defies the rules I’ve been using to dress myself since high school. When I started to layer my favorite sequin top with my zombie t-shirt, a chambray shirt, and yet another sweater, it went from intimidating to just plain fun. I’d wear this look on a relaxed weekend day to keep myself insulated from the fall chill but ready to shed layers in case the sun came out.

I’ll be rocking my Link from The Legend of Zelda costume this evening while I trick-or-treat with my awesome little cousins. Who or what will you be going as tonight?

All photos by the fabulous MB Maher.Sequins, "In Case of Zombies," Chambray, CardiganSuper Layers with Cardigan, Chambray, Sequins, Tee2Super Layers with Cardigan, Chambray, Sequins, Tee4Here’s a close-up of the “In Case of Zombies” shirt. I got it back in 2006, but you can still buy it on Threadless!Threadless "In Case of Zombies"

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Five Quick Snaps


Hardware and TweedHappy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a spectacular weekend, whether it involved Halloween parties, a crazy SF Giants riot (see below, ha), or something totally different. Here are five more quick snaps from San Francisco life (and one from Minnesota that snuck its way in). I hope you’re enjoying the fall weather and staying safe out in the East Coast.

The photo above is a snap of my friend’s outfit during SF Fashion Week. I love how the chunky metal hardware contrasts with the delicate tweed- it’s a perfect day-to-night look. To totally switch gears, below is a snap from last night’s SF Giants World Series victory celebration on Polk Street. We got out before things got too crazy!

SF Giants World Series PartyNext is a shot of one of my favorite Presidio Heights homes that I pass on my runs.

Presidio Heights Brick HomeThis little guy below is my guinea pig, Vladimir, who’s been living with my parents back in Minnesota. She (yep, a female guinea pig named Vladimir) gets to frolic about in her pen on the lawn and buried herself in the fall leaves. It’s a pretty good life.

Guinea Pig in LeavesI can’t get enough of the bay. Here’s a view from inside the Sutro Baths caves looking north. If you live in the area and haven’t been, go today! It’s well worth it.

Sutro Baths ViewSee you tomorrow with a new outfit post!

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What to Wear on a Crisp Fall Day? Why, Cable-Knit & Burgundy!

Cable-Knit Sweater and Tights2

Cable-Knit Sweater and TightsAmerican Eagle sweater, BP by Nordstrom camisole, H&M tights, H&M scarf (see it again here), Frye “Lucy” boots (see it again here), Coach purse (see it again here)

I need to come clean- I have a full blown case of Autumnphilia. I’ve been spending the past few weeks cooking up a storm, and my kitchen is currently resplendent with the scent of white bean-kale soup and fresh apple crumble. I love the smells, I love the way the light looks slanted and golden, and most of all, I love the soft and warm layers that come with the season.

The cable-knit sweater is king (or queen, if you prefer) this time of year. It’s classic, it’s comfortable, and its chunky texture smooths out any bumps and lumps that plague us non-airbrushed folk. I fell in love with this sassy little cream-colored number last Christmas during one of my many lunchtime explorations around Union Square. Trust me; working in retail around the holidays is not as profitable as you’d think, mostly because you’re constantly surrounded by all the pretty and cozy things for sale.

All photos are courtesy of the lovely J.M. of Thread and Bones and her photographer boyfriend, MB Maher. J.M. is the first SF blogger who reached out to me when I started blogging, and it’s been awesome to get to know her fabulous personality and unique style. We braved a foggy afternoon to grab some shots in the Pacific Heights area, stopping by the beautiful Presbyterian church at the top of the hill. J.M. and MB Maher were a delight, and it was a welcome change to get to smile at an actual person behind the camera instead of my tripod, as charming of a hunk of plastic as it may be.

What’s your go-to outfit for that crisp fall day?

Cable-Knit Sweater and Tights2

Cable-Knit Sweater and Tights with JM

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