Five Quick Snaps

Photography by Noah Wolf Photography, Inc.

Well, hello there. Nice to see you again.

I’m sitting on my couch right now, hearing the fog horn calling in the distance, and all I can see out my window is a small beacon of light peeking out from behind the fog. It takes me back to my oh-so-awful high school poetry, but that beacon of light seems symbolic for my life right now.

Last month, my dad passed away. I thought that I had been through some rough patches in my life, but my dad’s death made anything difficult in the past seem so small and insignificant. It changed my life in so many ways and altered so much of what I believed was constant about my life. I know many daughters are close to their fathers, but my dad understood me in a way that nobody else ever has. Ever since, I’ve felt directionless.

The pain of his passing also put the rest of my life into pretty stark contrast. In so many other way, this was setting up to be the best year of my life. I started a new job that’s not only dynamic and challenging but also nurturing and a childhood dream fulfilled. I feel so lucky to have the amazing friends that we’ve gotten to know in SF, and I’m becoming closer with some members of my extended family. My dad’s death doesn’t make the rest of the joy disappear, but it feels different when coexisting with such sadness.

Even though it’s been hard to imagine doing much of anything other than working and sleeping, I want to make space for the happiness and fun that used to be in my life. I started this blog in 2012 as a side project, as nothing more than a distraction from my “real” job. But it turned into so much more, and not just because it’s what shaped me changing careers. This blog is a place for me to focus on the beautiful, the silly, the chic, the not-chic-but-I’m-still-wearing-it, and the simply fun. It makes me happy, and I’m not ready to abandon it.

So, here I am. Thanks for reading along, and thanks for being there.


I wasn’t sure how I would do at my friend’s wedding, which fell two weeks after Dad. But being surrounded by such bright, colorful joy was exactly what I needed.

image (9)

Everyone needs a little green desk buddy. Low-maintenance friends are the best.

A little #TBT to my very first outfit post ever. My, how I’ve changed…

image (10)

As always.

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All that Glitters

Parker dress, Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac, sequins and leather, sequin dress for daytime, gold sequined dress

Dress: Parker (again here). Jacket: Zara (again here). Booties: Zara (again here and here). Bag: Rebecca Minkoff.

It’s no secret that I’m partial to sequins. When cleaning out my closet earlier this year, I discovered that I own five sequined dresses. Five. I also own five pairs of black booties and 18 plaid shirts, which basically sums up my personal style- Tinkerbell meets Kurt Cobain.

But I digress (when don’t I?). If there was ever a time to wear sparkles, it’s NYE. On New Year’s Eve, there’s just something so magical about all the glimmer and shimmer that this night brings, from the gleaming bubbles inside a champagne flute to the giant dose of glitter that you know that one friend is going to wear. It’s an evening about celebrating the the achievements of the past year and saying goodbye to what lies behind us.

But frankly, New Year’s Day doesn’t get enough credit. Instead of prying open one eye to put on yoga pants for brunch, why not let that sparkly dress have another moment in the sun? I made my go-to sequined dress more daytime-friendly by adding tons of black leather and flat boots. Sure, this look might still turn some heads, but why not live it up a little?¬†Adding a moto jacket, glam booties, and my new favorite bag made the ensemble feel just a little more relaxed.

Have a Happy, Happy, Happy New Year’s Day! Hooray for 2014!

Photography by Pete Hopkins

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sequins and leather, sequin dress for daytime, gold sequined dress, Parker dress, Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac

Parker dress, Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac, sequins and leather, sequin dress for daytime, gold sequined dress

Parker dress, Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac, sequins and leather, sequin dress for daytime, gold sequined dress

Parker dress, Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac, sequins and leather, sequin dress for daytime, gold sequined dress

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Five Quick Snaps

Before starting my new job this week, I zipped back to Minnesota to see my family and celebrate/mourn the end of choosing my own schedule for work. My experience there can mostly summed up by the word “tea” and the phrase “young adult fiction,” but we also slipped in a trip to the zoo. This bear was sacked out with his rear end up against the glass window. No shame. Perhaps we can all learn something about unselfconsciousness…

Another zoo moment- the elusive sea dragon.

Further evidence that spring has sprung. If you’re ever around the Financial District on a Thursday, heading east toward the Ferry Building and the farmer’s market is well worth your time.

Ok, so I know that cats are the “it” animal right now, with cute little videos and them dominating YouTube and with the Cats of Instagram feed growing every day. But I still think guinea pigs are pretty darn cute.

And sometimes, even the shy ones get their own personal spotlight.

Happy Friday, everyone! Any big weekend plans?

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