Five Quick Snaps: Birthday Sparklers, SF Giants, and a Rooftop

Harlot SF, Harlot birthday

Last Saturday, I realized a life goal. Ok, more of a “this would be super amazing if it actually happened, but it probably won’t, and life will go on” sort of thing. I first ventured to Harlot in the fall of 2010, just after Jim and I moved here and were absolutely penniless. Through a friend of a friend and an interesting series of events, we would up quasi-crashing a stunning loft birthday party in SOMA, a neighborhood that was unknown to me until that evening. After staring out the glittering windows for what seemed like the entire evening, the crew moved on to Harlot and my first San Francisco club experience. Burlesque dancers gyrated in ever corner, beautiful women in sequins draped themselves over the bottle service couches, and the air lit up with the giant sparklers that accompanied every bottle of champagne or liquor that a table ordered. It was glamour on acid, and I was obsessed.

Since then, the sparkler experience stuck in the back of my mind as a fluffy life goal and a guilty pleasure aspiration (akin to how I secretly hope to visit all the bars and brunch places that would have appeared in a SF version of Sex and the City). Although my income has yet to reach bottle service-like proportions, a sweet coworker arranged a birthday surprise for me when I visited the club with friends. Sparklers came at our table from every angle, and I felt like I was in a strangely delicious mashup of Gossip Girl and The Princess Diaries. It was one for the ages, and I’ll never forget it.

SF Giants, ATT Park, Go Giants

I may be proud of my fashion evolution since those army drab days in middle school, but I’m even more proud of how much I’ve grown to love baseball over the past few years. And there’s nothing like a pair of Poseys at the ballpark to raise your Giants spirit!

T minus eight hours until Game 6. Let’s do this. #OrangeOctober

The Battery SF, The Battery

We all know how much I love rooftops and how San Francisco is stubbornly empty of them. Even though it’s not an everyday occurrence, the penthouse at The Battery is perfection, and I was so stoked to get to journey up there for a recent 7×7 event. Even Karl the Fog stayed at bay during the party. Sure was nice of you, K the F.

San Francisco, SF fall, SF

In this snap, I feel like SF was saying, “See, Sarah? We may not have cold weather or pretty leaves like Minnesota, but we still have fall light.” And how.

Keith Haring, Keith Haring 7x7, pies for fall

I love when our editors do a story on the best pies of the city. In the span of a single week, we had over two dozen beauties delivered to our office. #journalismishard

I would also be remiss to put up this rare post without acknowledging the birthday of a certain handsomely bearded husband of mine. Love 🙂

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Love, Your Absent Valentine


Well, hello! First of all, serious props to anyone who just clicked on a link to come here. I know it can be off-putting when a blogger disappears for a while, so thanks for coming back!

It really does feel like months since I’ve posted, although I know it’s only been a few weeks. This blog has been such a big part of my life that it feels downright weird to have put it on hold. But I’ve had a good reason, I promise!

Last week, I started a new job, and it’s been absolutely fantastic. I cancelled my trip to NYFW so that I could start right away, and I’ve been going a million miles an hour ever since. It’s in the publishing industry, which you guys know has been a dream of mine for ages (seriously, I need to Instagram the absurd amount of magazines taking over our apartment).

So, it’s been a steep learning curve to adjust my schedule and flow of my day, but it already feels much smoother. I have some fun posts planned for next week, and it feels good to be back in the game 🙂

So, my lovely Valentines, thanks for reading and rocking out. I love you!

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Lake Tahoe Winter

Lake Tahoe Winter

Of all the Christmas movies I watched this year, White Christmas has to be one of my favorites. Sure, I’m a sucker for good tap-dancing, and Bing Crosby’s velvety voice isn’t something you easily forget. But that fervor, that desire, that need for snow around Christmas- that gets me every time.

When I was a little girl growing up across the bridge in Marin County, every single wish I made was always for snow. I wanted our house to be covered in it, absolutely blanketed. Other than the one time I built a Hail Man out of a pittance of the white crumbly stuff, my wish remained ungranted.

And then we moved to Minnesota, where my first Halloween was wiped out by an ice storm and -40 degree temperatures. Yeah, I know- be careful what you wish for. Now that I’ve migrated back to my native Bay Area, I’m finding myself wishing yet again for snow. But this time, I just need to drive four hours to find a Lake Tahoe winter.

Jim and I spend the days after Christmas exploring around Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley, blasting downhill on our skis (and board), taking a tram up to dizzying heights, and consuming no small amount of festive beverages. No snow fell from the sky, but I was still as happy as a child.

Squaw Valley, Squaw High Camp, High Camp summit, winter at Squaw

Squaw Valley High Camp, High Camp bar, Squaw Valley bar

Squaw Valley tram, Squaw Valley High Camp, Lake Tahoe Winter


Northstar skating rink, skiing at Northstar

Lake Tahoe, Lake Tahoe sunset, Lake Tahoe winter

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