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Snowshoeing in Tahoe

 On Christmas Day, while sipping hot cocoa in 70 degree Marin County, I realized that I simply could not say goodbye to 2012 without seeing snow. I’d ice skated, I’d consumed gallons of hot cider (and a hot toddy or two), and I’d decorated a Christmas tree to end all Christmas trees, but it wasn’t enough. Forget sugarplums- images of frigid air and blinding snow danced in my head.

So, with less than 48 hours’ notice, Jim and I booked a room at a slightly seedy 70’s-era casino and rented a Zipcar. The next 36 hours were exactly what I needed- crisp, cold, and so full of snow.

Lake Tahoe in Winter

In lieu of dropping $250+ on lift tickets and rentals, we made my native Minnesota proud and strapped on snowshoes.

Sarah Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing in Tahoe  Snowshoeing in TahoeSnowshoeing in Tahoe

Snowshoeing in Tahoe Snowshoeing in TahoeA little corny snow art was necessary, of course. I’m the first to admit I’m a straight-up sap!Snowshoeing in Tahoe Naturally, we finished the day with bracing beverages.SlurpeeHot Toddy at MacDuff"s

And, of course, some classic entertainment.Sex and the City Slot Machines  We even made a new friend!Mini Snowman

Tahoe TripDriving home across the Bay Bridge and seeing the city lights, I realized I had butterflies in my stomach. That jumpy, happy sensation was the same feeling I had two years ago when our little Honda Civic crossed the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time. We were only away from the city for a day, but it reminded me of why I love it here. I tell ya, snow is good for the soul!

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  1. I like the ski bunny style, you always manage to pull off vests nicely. As for this new friend, I’m intrigued. Is he single? 😉

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