DUO #MyCity: Jane on Fillmore

DUO boots, DUO Seymour, Jane San Francisco, Jane Cafe, Sanfranista

H&M tunic and leggings, DUO Seymour boots, Modalu Pippa bag, Nordstrom scarf, Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll probably notice that I seem to repost the same photograph of the same latte on the same graphic black-and-white background. Seriously, Sarah- let’s mix it up a little, eh? But believe it or not, the photos aren’t my love for repetition showing up; they’re evidence of my enduring love for Jane and its unparalleled lattes.

Jane’s that fabulous friend you know who magically procures invitations to stylish parties while simultaneously rocking the edgy-downtown-cool look that only Alexa Chung can achieve. Jane is one part brunch in Paris, one part rock concert at Cafe du Nord, and all parts really tasty brunch food. Plus, it’s a 5-minute walk from my house, so it also enables my laziness.

So, Jane was the first place I thought of when considering places to show off fabulous San Francisco for my styling project with DUO Boots. Since I usually visit while still waking up on a lazy Sunday, I wore my closest-thing-to-civilized-pajamas uniform: flowy tunic, stretchy pants, and comfy-polished boots. And the day was simply too spring-y to stick to monochromatic standards, so I added the brightest accessory I own. I know- WHOA.

If you go (and you must- go buy a plane ticket now if you don’t live here!), I recommend the egg sandwich with its magic savory-sweet tomato chutney, a birdseed bran muffin, and a perfect, foamy, resplendent latte.

Stay tuned to see more photos from my collaboration with DUO (alley in the Mission! Orange-painted transportation structure that’s slightly famous!). And see all the looks from fabulous bloggers around the globe at DUO #MyCity.

DUO boots, DUO Seymour, Jane San Francisco, Jane Cafe, Sanfranista

DUO boots, DUO Seymour, Jane San Francisco, Jane Cafe, Sanfranista

DUO boots, DUO Seymour, Jane San Francisco, Jane Cafe, Sanfranista

DUO boots, DUO Seymour, Jane San Francisco, Jane Cafe, Sanfranista

DUO boots, DUO Seymour, Jane San Francisco, Jane Cafe, Sanfranista

Love, Your Absent Valentine


Well, hello! First of all, serious props to anyone who just clicked on a link to come here. I know it can be off-putting when a blogger disappears for a while, so thanks for coming back!

It really does feel like months since I’ve posted, although I know it’s only been a few weeks. This blog has been such a big part of my life that it feels downright weird to have put it on hold. But I’ve had a good reason, I promise!

Last week, I started a new job, and it’s been absolutely fantastic. I cancelled my trip to NYFW so that I could start right away, and I’ve been going a million miles an hour ever since. It’s in the publishing industry, which you guys know has been a dream of mine for ages (seriously, I need to Instagram the absurd amount of magazines taking over our apartment).

So, it’s been a steep learning curve to adjust my schedule and flow of my day, but it already feels much smoother. I have some fun posts planned for next week, and it feels good to be back in the game :)

So, my lovely Valentines, thanks for reading and rocking out. I love you!

The New York Diaries : White & Pastel Inspiration

Even though I plan on wearing a lot of black to New York Fashion Week, there’s something about springy pastels and soft whites that bring a much-needed ray of sunshine in the winter. From structured, modern silhouettes to ultra-feminine designs, these sweet pieces transcend the seasons (well, with a thick scarf, at least!).

I can’t keep my mind of the Prabal Gurung caped dress that meshes drama with a work-friendly silhouette. And for a date, I’d love to slip on Adeam’s peachy-sweet frock with perfect cap sleeves. As always, Hervé Léger by Max Azria concocted the perfect flirty dress that manages to be ladylike and a little bit vampy at the same time. And look to Donna Karan for the perfect combination of easy-sexy slouch and structure.

I know the polar vortex is going to knock me off my booties as soon as I step off the plane at LaGuardia, but there’s nothing like a little pastel hidden under a parka to keep you warm (emotionally, at least!).